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a lil late but hidan


I knew this day would come


After all, I already obtained two of the Akatsuki in my ask bow. Why no invite more~!

  • Why I like them

Hidan is what I would like to call, unique, to say the least. I really love him, don’t think I mean something otherwise, but he has a unique style to him I kinda like and also want to kick him in the crotch multiple times for. Referring back to Kakuzu’s post, the time they brought the character in was not wasted one bit and showed most of the characteristics within the episodes he was in. However, how he interacts with everyone else is very much different than Kakuzu, basically being his opposite with similarities that clash with subtle looks in the faces. While I call him unique, he also has some traits that make him.. Not that unique. I would say that, in reality, he’s basically that young, loud, annoying brat you’d get sick of quickly, especially with their ignorance, and I’ll mention this again in the things I hate about him. However, he has some redeeming things to make up for the usually annoying ass character traits. Interesting backstory, a spin with an extra trait that I am too familiar with in where I am around, and the childish behavior that weaves it all together into this mess of a immortal. Hidan is also borderline insane as it is, taking the greatest pleasure in killing his foes. Here is the one thing that I think is unique about him. While he is all this, he still fears things. He still doesn’t want to do things alone. This makes him much more human than his partner, in my honest opinion. In the battle with Shikimaru, when his is being controlled by the Shadow Imitation Technique, he actually shows signs of being afraid and calls out to Kakuzu for help. You see that there is and was potential to see that this character had a lot more going on in his buzzing mind than his usual hollering and screaming in battle and stupidity than ran out of his mouth like vomit. This feature was what caught my eye better than everything else. I loved the annoying personality he had, even if I know I would hate it outside the show. The design given to him fit the smug and arrogant attitude he carried, but it would’ve fallen short without something like a flaw in the entire design. You can say his arrogance is his flaw, but I consider it to be more of a compliment to the hidden flaw beneath. Fear. Something that immortals probably shouldn’t have. After all, they can survive anything. But imagine yourself with all this power, and suddenly, you feel like you’ve lost it all, even for a moment. Doesn’t that terrify you? To be under the thumb of what you would consider mortal trash, instead of you holding the blades to their throats? Rendered powerless, and for how long? It’s terrifying, even to us mortals. Imagine that feeling to an immortal?

  • Why I don’t

As I said above, he is arrogant, ignorant, loud-mouthed, just flat out obnoxious on every level and I can’t stand it. I literally have people like him around me all the time. Imagining that, mixing it with murderous rampaging, and then his religion, to which I do not mind people with religion, -it’s when people harm others because of it that makes me frustrated- is honestly the worst kind of guy/girl you’d meet that’s not a psycho killer, abuser, etc. Just one of those FUCKING ASSHOLES YA WANNA BEAT UP. I get it. It’s cartoon, and that’s why it doesn’t bother me. It’s fiction. But what if I saw that happening irl? In fact, it does happen in real life? Imagining Hidan in real life- imagining any of the Akatuski in real life- makes me pissed because, I want to like them, but if I was around them in reality, I would hate all of them. Or be absolutely terrified of them.

Looking back on it in the cartoon wise, it bugs me how thy left Hidan’s past with such  mystery to it, without going any further. They mention so little, but why? Why only mention a small bit and then never mention it again? Nothing to reveal later on that could help us know the characters? No. They do this with some of the Akatsuki members, which is disappointing, because then we, as viewers, are not given enough time to know about some characters in the anime. Some characters are the kind they make just so they can appear as a threat then die. Without much else to it. Which is disappointing. Because we see a lot of characters with wonderful backstories and we get the chance to see them and love them greatly. With this, comes those who do not get the attention they probably should get, Hidan, Kakuzu, and a few other characters are given this sad status. We are not given the time to mourn their deaths, because they are not considered characters worth time. The creators already had all these other characters for us to enjoy, but yet we still want to know of those who are tossed under the bus. Because of this, this is why I do not like him. Lack of story that leaves us in confusion and wanting more - and this can be excuted greatly, but I feel like they didn’t even bother-, his personality in general, and his STUPID HOT BODY GAH FUCK HIM!

  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)

Refer to my Kakuzu post. Watching Hidan fighting though is beautiful. It feels so smooth and like a strange dance that gives him kind of a cool look on his style, even if it’s running in blind basically.

  • Favorite line

Every damn time… That’s not something you say to me… If they can kill me, I couldn’t be happier. Although… I don’t think they can!

  • Favorite outfit


Call me weird, but I love him when he’s like thiiisssssssss……..

  • OTP

Kakuzu and Hidan

  • Brotp

Deidara and Hidan

  • Head Canon

He is the shittest cook on earth. If any of you know Hetalia, imagine England cooking, but worse… somehow.

  • Unpopular opinion

He’s not one of my all time fav Akatuski members, but I still love him.

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

Don’t stop drawing him Christ I love the art of him out there. butnotasmuchasKakuzuhuehue

  • My nickname for them

Asshole, Hidan-fucking up over there, Immortal Brat, Literally trash, albino cutie, Hidan


I am feeling a little bummed because I think that we should see more Sakura engaged in physical battles and fights, because when we did SHE WAS THE MOST PERFECT QUEEN EVER, jumping everywhere and destroying enemies like no big deal and being so graceful and elegant at the same time and I think I need a moment now.


i was listening to a screamo song for fun then i heard all this extra yelling that i thought was part of the song but then i realized it was just my family arguing

sorry i was bored and i still cant stop laughing about sasuke’s design


I say the next movie is as non-canon as the previous, so there.

dA: X



so today my mom was being all momish and she was like “what if we turned our house into a bed and breakfast” and I was like ummm yeah except there are literally no empty rooms in our house and she was like “we could convert the basement” so

I made a brochure 


if you book now we will also install working lights



new meme please draw naruto characters in awkward prom pictures and tag it with konoha awkward prom

Follow up to [X]


Some Guy Recreated a Bunch of Female Tinder Pics and They’re Glorious

I chose my favorites, but you can find the rest here